Our Techniques

Our medical professionals employ a wide range of proven techniques for each individual case. Below, you’ll find a brief explanation of the popular chiropractic techniques we use at our practice.

Diversified Technique

Diversified Technique (DT) is the most commonly used adjustive technique by chiropractors. This technique is characterized by a high velocity low amplitude thrust.

Myofascial Release Technique
The primary purpose of this soft tissue therapy is to treat musculature dysfunction that is accompanied by pain and restriction of motion. This is accomplished by stimulating the stretch reflex of the muscle, and breaking down adhesions and scar tissue. 

This therapy is very effective for trigger points. A trigger point is like a knot the size of a pea, buried deep in the muscle tissue. It is made up of scar tissue and other chemicals, which is a normal byproduct of muscular over activity. Trigger points cause a decrease in muscle function as well as pain.



Graston is an instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation therapy. This uses specialized tools to help break down scar tissue and restore normal function to musculature and joints. For more information, visit the Graston website and watch a slideshow on how the technique works....check it out here


Cold Laser

Our addition of the Vectra Genisys Cold Laser unit has been giving our patients great relief. Cold laser therapy has received favorable reviews from patients and medical journals alike.

Drop Table
This technique makes use of specialized drop-piece mechanisms in the table to assist the adjustment. Individual cushions or "drop pieces" located along the table support each area of the spine until the thrust is given. Then, each drop-piece gently gives way, reducing the pressure needed to move a specific spinal segment.

Additional therapies

Our office is equipped with the latest state of the art equipment including Interferential/Muscle Stimulation Units, Chattonooga Ultrasound units, Flexion/Distraction (decompression) Tables, Activator, Thumper Therapeutic Massager, Heat/Cold Therapy and nutritional counseling.